Autoclave Process
Bacterial spores which tends to be the most persistent, can survive for long periods in adverse conditions.
Autoclave Power/fuel
Steam is provided to the chamber from external source e.g., steam generator/boiler.
Automatic Function Cycle Completion Features
All the processes of sterilization, vacuum and drying are automatic. At the end of operation, a buzzer is sounded and the pressure / steam is automatically turned off.
Air Removal
Air in chamber is completely removed. The sterilization cycle timer starts to count only after set pressure is achieved, which ensures complete sterilization.
Drying of Articles
After sterilization, heating/vacuum operation automatically ensures rapid and complete drying of articles.
Pressure & Temperature Control
A high performance pressure regulator and thermostat are fitted to maintain the required temperature and pressure inside the chamber. If an abnormal pressure is produced, pressure switch and safety valve go into operation.
Auto Lock System
Doors are locked automatically and cannot be opened until pressure is exhausted. However, manual operation is also available.
Digital Timers for sterilization and drying cycle.
Auto Release of Air & Steam
Automatic release of air from chamber before the start of sterilization cycle and auto release of steam at the end of cycle.

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