Autoclave Process
Bacterial spores which tends to be the most persistent, can survive for long periods in adverse conditions.
Autoclave Power/fuel
Steam is provided to the chamber from external source e.g., steam generator/boiler.
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Autoclave Process
Autoclave is a vessel in which steam is held under pressure for the purpose of sterilization.
Typical Operation Cycle
The correct temperature / pressure correction for sterilization is shown in the table.
Automatic Function Cycle Completion Features
All the processes of sterilization, vacuum and drying are automatic.
Autoclave Power/Fuel
Type of Autoclave with respect to use of fuel
Autoclave Vacuum System
Installed in large Hospital & Pharma Units
Technical Specifications
Micro processor control of temperature with digital display programmable.
PLC Module, PLC Programmable Control.
Steam Sterilizer Vertical
Automatically Controlled
Automatic Air Removal
Digital Timer
Round Shape Chamber
Steam Sterilizer Class
High Pressure, Vacuumatic
Automatic Autoclave
Flash. Class B & S.
Steam Sterilizer Class N
Small High Pressure Automatic Steam Sterilizer, Class N
Potato Grading Plant
DRYING              GRADING
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