Autoclave Process
Bacterial spores which tends to be the most persistent, can survive for long periods in adverse conditions.
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Autoclave Power/fuel
Steam is provided to the chamber from external source e.g., steam generator/boiler.
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Complete Package for Central Sterile Supply Department (CSSD) for Hospitals.


Autoclaves including Automatic, Vacuumatic, Square / Rectangular chamber, Jacketed complete stainless steel, Multi-channel recorders with printer, PLC

    control and built in steam generators.


Single / Double door, with separate steam Generator gas operated. Optional. For operation theaters and Labs, Deionizers (Water treatment plants). R.O Unit

    washing / packing Table Washer/Disinfectors


Juice and Beverage plants.


Fruit and Vegetable processing.


Complete package for Canning plant.


Slaughter House and Meet Processing Machinery.


Tomato Processing Unit  (2 - 10 ton / day)


  Pulp       Paste  


  Juice      Ketchup 


Mango Processing Line  (2 - 10 ton / day)


  Pulp       Paste  




Fruit Candy Processing Line



Backing Oven


Dehydration machinery


 Green / Red Chilly     Fruits, Vegetables     



Onion, Garlic & Fodder.


Batch Type Cabinet / Dehydrator 1 ton / batch


Multistage Continuous Conveyor type dehydrators 5-12 tons/ day.


Mango slice Dehydrator


Dates & Chawara processing


Olive Oil Extraction Plant


Pharmaceutical Machinery.


Complete Package For Injectable Section


Washing machine Conveyor type Speed 48000 Ampules/ Vials /HR Dry heat sterilizers double door, automatic shutter system , with validation system Laminar flow air cabinets (Horizental for lab) vertical for filling area.


Autoclaves: Automatic Vacuumatic Single / Double door , Square / Rectangular Chamber , With validation System having Multichannel recorders with printers , Class 100 air supply system , For Vaccine and Ampules W.F.I (Water for Injection ) plants, Deionizers, R.O Plants.


Clean Steam Generators, Stability / Humidity Chambers


Fresh Mango Hot Water Processing Line 1-7 tons / hrs


Feeding                                   Sorting


Washing Hot Water Dip Tank     Drying, Grading, packing Conveyor


Fresh Potato Processing Line 4-5 ton / hrs


Feeding, Sorting, Washing, Drying , Grading , packing Conveyor


Complete machinery For Canning Line


Washer Peelers, Steam Jacket Kettles, Steam Blanchers, Thermo breakers, Exhaust Boxes, Filling Machines, Automatic Retorts, Vacuum Can Steamers, Steam Generators,


Milk Processing Line


  Milk Cooling Tanks, Chillers                        Cream Separator, Clarifier                    


  Pasteurizer, ( H T S T ), Homogenizers        (UHT)


  Automatic Form Fill & Sealing Machines (Sachet type 250ml  1000 ml).

      Ethy Line Oxide

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